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Monday, August 17, 2020

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What to do after 10? Career options after SSC

Have you just completed your 10th standard (SSC)? You may be confused about choosing the right career path. You may have many questions like what should I do after 10th? , Which stream should I choose? Science, Commerce or Arts ?, which is a good field? It is very important to choose the right course after 10th standard as this will have a significant impact on what you will become in the future.

A good option after 10th is to study +2 or HSC. It can help secure a strong foundation for further studies, such as graduation and post-graduation. The choice of streams for 11th and 12th standard (HSC) is based on the aptitude of the students but the most important factor is the interest in the subject and the purpose of choosing the course.

Choosing a science, commerce or arts stream is the most difficult thing for students to decide. Let's make it easy. Choose an area in which you have a passion. Remember, no field is better or better than others. It just depends on what you like to do.

If you choose a science stream, you have 3 more options for choosing subjects. You can choose mathematics or biology from an optional subject. Some students choose both math and science subjects. Choose mathematics if you want to be an engineer and biology if you want to go into the medical field.

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Students Historical M.A. Degree public history can be chosen with or without a PhD as an outdoor field. M.A. The cult of general public history requires 9 hours of core course work, 9 hours of course work, more research seminars, and optional courses.

There are two course seminar-practical series within the first year (6 hours) of the course. There are many influential examples in the field of historical history and theoretical references and public history for the temporary of graduate resultant members. 

Graduation Practicum Consequentialism is the purpose of the constitutional period and governance, development and grant articles, public sector and specialized dispute instrument professional knowledge knowledge and skills. These courses are being completed in time public institutions class projects.

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