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Sunday, August 30, 2020

Education Sector ‘Unlocked’ In Phases From September 1: News Report

Schools and colleges have not yet reopened due to the Koro lockout in March, but there are plans to reopen educational institutions in phases from September 1. All educational institutions will be open from September 1 to November 14. The schedule of the opening of educational institutions has been included in the group of secretaries of Corona Management Group. It may be announced when Masant unveils the new unlock guide. However, state governments can decide when and how to open school colleges.

 The central government will issue detailed guidelines for opening schools and colleges, which all states will have to follow. The survey was conducted by the education department last month. To support this, it has been decided to open the education sector from September 1 and launched detailed guidelines.

A survey by the Department of Education found that seniors are still not in favor of sending their children to high school because of Corona's fears, but states argued that vulnerable children suffer more. In addition, states that have reduced case-transition also advocate reopening faculties.

After class 10 to 12 was held, Std. Students from 6 to 9 will be optional. The schedule is tailored to the model of Switzerland. The aim is to open all educational institutions during the non-educational month period.

In addition, the university will run in three shifts from 8 to 17 and 12. The university will be clean after each shift. 33% of the staff and students will be asked to run the university. Grade school students will still be taught online.

Education Sector ‘Unlocked’ In Phases From September 1: Sanj Samachar News Report

The guidelines have been jointly prepared by the Ministry of Human Scorpio Development and Health. In the first fortnight from September 1, Std. It is suggested to open classes 10 to 12, students will be separated and asked to go back to high school on different days. That is, 100% of the scholars will be called at some point and hence the remaining 0% of the next day. School-study time will also be two-three hours instead of 5-6 hours.

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