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Monday, September 14, 2020

These 7 things to never do after a meal, please share the information knowing it is important.

Did you know that there are some common things we do after a meal that can affect your health after a while?

These 7 things to never do after a meal, please share the information knowing it is important.

We're going to talk about things you should never do after a meal.
Cold water

Drinking cold water immediately after a meal should be avoided. Cold water does not allow the food to read evenly which often increases the chances of constipation.

Many people have a habit of eating fruit immediately after a meal but let's say that this type of special enzyme is needed to preserve the fruit and the fruit takes more time to digest. Therefore, eating fruit immediately after eating can also cause digestive problems, bloating, etc.
To walk

Many people may have told you that the best thing to do after a meal is to walk, but researchers believe that you should wait at least half an hour before going for a walk. If this is not done then it has a bad effect on the body.

We all know how bad smoking is for health, but you should never smoke after a meal, because one cigarette smoked after a meal is equivalent to smoking ten cigarettes. So the ground should never be smoked. This increases the risk of colon cancer and lung cancer.

Sleep is a necessity of our life. But if you go to bed immediately after a meal, it will cause you discomfort or sometimes even an unusual sleeping pattern in your sleeping habits. So avoid going to bed immediately after a meal and get involved in other activities.
Tea and coffee

Both tea and coffee are beneficial for the body if consumed on time and in certain amounts. And there is a saying in Gujarati that there is no extreme speed i.e. exaggeration of anything is not good. The same advice is given by most nutritionists that tea can be consumed at least one hour after a meal.

Bathing immediately after a meal increases blood flow throughout the body but this flow does not increase in the stomach. This can lead to indigestion and digestive problems. Therefore, if you feel like taking a bath after a meal, a bath time after 30 minutes can be considered a good time. So you should wait at least half an hour after the meal to take a bath.

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