Thursday, September 1, 2022

how to create mega menu in website?

              Hi guys today we're going to see how can create a mega menu wordpress website let's have a website and you have a lot of pages and different categories on your site so instead of using a default menu with only a few pages like this let's say you want to create a mega many where can I get all the pages and categories on your site so you can easily find any page they want right from your money.

you can do that by reading this lesson started you will be able to get a mega menu like this and you can also add images like this now if you will just click any page it will take them to that page not having I will help you keep your website.

Let's go to wordpress dashboard plugins and click add new Now this is a plugin which will help us to create Mega menu on our website to install the plugin that click install and then click activate a successful install the plugin.

install the plugin in order to make the elements ke plugin work properly you need to install the elementor plugin so let's click install and click activate plugin so now we have installed the elementor plugin on a site.

once you've installed both the plugins now to make the Mega menu appear on our side first we need to create a separate header section on a site that go to step to which is to create header section to create it with CO2 elements kit and click add a photo and then click add new now here give a name for your section.

I am going to enter header and activated and then click edit and it will take you to this page where you can design your header section ok now you need to select a layout for header section to select the layout click here and click sections then go to category and click header here.

you will get different types of layouts which you can use to design a header section now to see the preview of how is your Outlook click on it and you can see how the layout look not like this layout click insert as you can see the layout has been inserted once you have selected the layout you can see that we don't have the menu at the menu click here and select the menu.

you want to display on your head a section and I want to display the main menu select main menu now to add your logo here just click the pencil icon and click here track and drop your logo here as you can see a logo has been added ok once you've created your head just click update and the header section will be added to your website to check that if we go back to our side you can see that this is your default header and now if you click refresh.

you can see that a header has been changed so we are now successfully created the header Section 138 the header section not you go here you can see that the Mega menu is not displayed on a site that go to step 3 which is to enable the Mega menu.

wordpress dashboard then go to appearance and click menus and then enable this option enable the Mega menu to select for which page you want to add the Mega meaning that pay you want to add the menu to this page to just go here and click here and enable Mega menu now.

the Mega menu will be enabled for that page available at next you need to select the design for your mega menu to select it and click edit Mega menu content and click here and then click sections now go to category and click Mega menu.

now here you get different design for your mega menu select the one you want I am going to select this and click insert as you can see that we have got the design will be selected once you've selected that line for your mega menu now.

here you can see that we have this default pages instead of this what if you want to add your category pages your so that when someone Clicks on it it will directly take them to that page when the category page you are you need to enter the category name I am going to enter t-shirts.

now to add your category image just go here and click the pencil icon and then click to view image now drag and drop them that you want as you can see the image has been added now that the pages are in this category click here.

and then click here and the page name I am going to enter Polo T shirts now hear you need to handling of the page to get the link that go back to our site then go to all products and click Polo T shirt.


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