How To Clean Tongue With Home Remedies

Has Your Tongue Changed Color Too?: Chances Of Many Diseases If Tongue Is Not Cleaned Properly, How To Clean Tongue With Home Remedies.

We clean the tongue after brushing every day, but we still follow the wrong way on how to clean the tongue, which sometimes leads to injury. ENT surgeon Dr. Gulati tells how to take care of the tongue. Doctors say that often people do not clean their tongue properly by eating pan-masala, due to which the tongue gets sore.

What is tongue scraping?

Dr. Tongue scraping is an easy way to remove food deposits, he says. Food on the tongue causes bad breath. If bad breath is present, a plastic, steel or copper tongue cleaner should be cleaned after daily brushing.

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Sulfur compounds that cause bad breath are reduced

According to a report published in the Journal of Periodontology, brushing the tongue daily removes sulfur compounds that cause bad breath. Tongue cleaning removes 75% of sulfur compounds. While brushing removes 45% of the sulfur compound.

Bacteria are reduced.

According to studies, cleaning the tongue is very important for oral health. If we clean our tongue daily, our health is also good.

If the tongue is not clean, there will be no taste

In a research, it was revealed that due to the dirt accumulated on the tongue, food does not even taste. So it is necessary to clean the tongue for the test.

The correct way to clean the tongue

  • The tongue should be cleaned only with a plastic or metal tongue cleaner. Along with this, both should stick out the tongue as much as possible.
  • Place the tongue cleaner on the back of the tongue and use it like a wiper.
  • You can clean the dirt that is in the tongue cleaner with water.
  • Do this process 2 times

Home Remedies to Clean Tongue

You can also clean the tongue with home remedies. By which you can also clean the tongue bacteria.

અહીંથી વાંચો સંપુર્ણ ગુજરાતી માહિતી રીપોર્ટ

Rinse with salt water

Gargling with salt water washes the mouth and relieves any pain in the mouth. Salt water helps flush out any remaining food particles. Keep the water in the mouth for 30 seconds and then rinse.

What color is a healthy tongue?

Sometimes the tongue turns red, yellow, purple or any other color. So if the shape also changes along with the color of the tongue, it gives information about the health conditioner.

A healthy tongue is pink in color

A healthy tongue is pink in color with a white coating on its surface. These small holes on the tongue give us the test of food and drink. If the color of the tongue changes from pink to any other color, it is a sign of discomfort. If there is any disease in our body, the color of the tongue changes.

Red tongue if there is vitamin-B deficiency

If the color of your tongue is red, then your body is deficient in vitamin B, which you can control by changing your diet. If the tongue is red and the border is white, then you need to be alert.

Purple tongue means heart disease

If the color of the tongue is purple, it means heart disease or blood circulation in the body is not going well

If the color of the tongue is blue, there is a lack of oxygen

Blue tongue occurs when there is a lack of oxygen in the body. A blue tongue may indicate lung or kidney disease.

Yellow tongue from smoking

People who smoke cigarettes or tobacco have a yellow tongue. Along with this, in many cases, yellow tongue symptoms are also seen due to jaundice. In this case, instead of ignoring it, you should consult a doctor.

Gray tongue if there is any digestive disease

Many times, if there is a problem in digesting food, gray tongue is seen in this condition.

A white tongue causes a fungal infection.

When white spots appear on the tongue, it means that a person has a fungal infection. This type of problem is relieved by taking anti-fungal medicines. Also, if there is a problem with leukoplakia or oral lichen planus, the color of the tongue may be white.

Tobacco use can cause a brown tongue

Brown tongue problem only occurs when the person eats or drinks something. Along with this, the problem of brown tongue can also be caused due to excessive consumption of tobacco. Also, it is one of the early symptoms of oral cancer.

Not cleaning can cause black tongue.

There are many types of bacteria in the mouth that can cause black tongue. Also, black tongue problem can also occur due to diabetes. Sometimes the surface of the tongue looks like hair.

Do not take doctor's advice

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If the color of the tongue is changing for a long time, then the doctor's advice should be taken immediately. If there is any difference in the color and size of the tongue or swelling, it is necessary to consult a doctor. Also, if there is any difference in the coating of the tongue from the moisture level, the doctor should be consulted.

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