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Work news friends, consumption of Tulsi is very good and there are so many robots, you get direct benefits, so today we have brought its information for you, if it is health information, then save it, you will get useful information.

Benefits of Tulsi Tulsi is worshiped in Hinduism in India and since Tulsi has many benefits, it is also available in Ayurveda and there are many benefits that you may not even know about.

Beneficial Tulsi

Also, consumption of Tulsi is useful as it removes Kapha and Vayu dosha and improves digestion and appetite and our blood is also good and purified.

And it is also very good for your body. Consuming this Tulsi is not harmful for you either

Consuming tulsi helps you in digestion and fever heart disease stomach ache malaria bacteria now you benefit from all diseases and Tulsi is of two types Ram and Shyam in which Ram Tulsi is given importance.

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Beneficial for the brain

Benefits and benefits of Tulsi in the brain You may not even know that regular consumption increases brain function and also improves memory, so regularly swallowing four or five leaves of Tulsi in water will be very useful for you.

Relieve headache

Stress headaches are common. In such cases, putting one or two drops of basil oil in the nose gives relief. Destroys lice in the scalp. If there is an infestation of lice in the hair, applying basil oil in the hair gives relief.

Healing in night blindness

Many people have night blindness. Vision weakens after dusk. Applying two-three drops of basil leaf juice in Teva is beneficial.
Sniffing basil leaves relieves sinus problems.

Swelling and pain in the ears

Basil leaves relieve ear swelling and pain. Extracting the juice of basil leaves, warming it warmly and putting babbe drops in the ears gives relief.

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Curative in toothache

Basil leaves relieve toothache. It is beneficial to make a tablet of black pepper and basil leaves and keep it under the teeth.

Throat problems

Colds and coughs as well as changes in the seasons cause sore throats, colds and coughs. Mixing basil juice with warm water and rinsing gives relief. It is also beneficial to mix turmeric, cinnamon and water in basil juice and rinse.

Get rid of inflammation in the urine

Tulsi leaves provide relief from inflammation and pain in the nose and after heating the juice of Tulsi leaves and applying bombay drops in the nose, it gives relief and gives you a lot of relief.

Consuming Tulsi and Tulsi can help you get rid of plaque. Mix one or two grams of Tulsi leaves with the center of the plant.

This Tulsi is useful for increasing the immune system. One gram dose of 20 grams of Tulsi seed powder mixed with 40 grams of Mixer Vatika will cure weakness and increase immunity in the body.

Eating tulsi leaves will help you to get rid of disease and persistent cough on the way due to this tulsi.

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અહીં થી વાંચો ગુજરાતી રિપોર્ટ

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