Career Guidance Book in Gujarati , Download karkirdi margadarshan Book pdf (What after 10th / 12th?)

Career Guidance Book in Gujarati , Download karkirdi margadarshan Book pdf

What to do after 10th? Career Options after SSC-vocational guidance books

Have you just completed your 10th standard (SSC)? You may be confused about deciding a right career path. You might have many questions in mind like What should I do after 10th? , Which stream should I select? Science , Commerce or Arts?, Which is a better field? Selecting the right course after class X is very important as this will have an important impact on what will you become in future.

What After SSC  Science or Commerce or Arts?

A good option after 10th is studying +2 or HSC. It can help to secure a strong foundation for further studies like graduation and post graduation. The selection of the streams for 11th and 12th standard (HSC) depends upon the students aptitude but the most important factor is one’s interest in the subject and the purpose for selecting the course.

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Whether to choose science, commerce or arts stream is the most difficult thing to decide for students. Lets make it simple. Choose a field in which you have passion. Remember, no field is better or superior than other. It just depends on what you like to do.

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If you select Science stream, you have further 3 more options for selecting the subjects. You can select Maths or Biology from the optional subject. Some students opt for both Mathematics and Science subjects. If you want to become engineer then select Maths and if you want to go in medical field then select Biology.

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Instead of going for HSC (10 +2 years), you can opt for Diploma engineering after standard 10. Some fields that you can select in diploma are Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Communication, Computer technology, Information technology, Information & Control Engineering, Power Engineering, Mechatronics, 

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Hotel Management and Cattering technology, Plastic engineering, Fabrication Technology, Chemical Engineering, Printing Technology, Ceramic Technology, Architecture Assistant-ship, Automobile Engineering, Metallurgy, Textile Manufacturing, Textile Processing, Mining Engineering etc. You will generally need to give an entrance test to get admission. Generally the Central diploma admission committee takes the exam.

Career Guidance Book in Gujarati (What after 10th / 12th?)

Gujarat Information department published career Guidance Book (Karkirdi Margdarshan). You can view or download this book in pdf format by below mentioned link. This book is published by Gujarat Information Department each year. You can get guidance for what after 10th and what after 12th.

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In most places around 50% of Assistant Professors obtain tenure (but the trend is definitely declining, see Digest of Educational Statistics: 2009) and are promoted to Associate Professor after the sixth year.

Based on continuing accomplishments, an Associate Professor may be promoted to Full Professor. Normally, one becomes Full Professor after serving a minimum five years as Associate Professor. Promotion to the position of Full Professor requires one to demonstrate significantly more accomplishments beyond those that were required to gain tenure.

There is also a position of Visting Assistant Professor, which is somewhere between an Adjunct and a Tenure-track Assistant Professor position. This position is typicaly for a set number of years and involves more non-teaching duties, better pay, lower teaching load, whereas Adjunct position is typically term to term.

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